Timeline of the USF Chapel Center

Original wall plaque dedicating the Moses Episcopal University Center.

USF Chapel Center Chronology

A brief history of the USF Chapel Center, originally named the Bishop William F. Moses Episcopal University Center. The center celebrated its 50th Anniversary in November of  2012.


University of South Florida opens with 2,000 students

May 27, 1962

Cornerstone Laying Service with Rev. Canon William Brace (Rector at St John’s) officiating. Guest speakers: Dr. John S. Allen; Rev. Dr George Hood, Chairman, Dept of College Work in this Diocese; Hon. Arthur Gibbons, Vice-Chancellor of Diocese. Cornerstone unearthed in 1987. Contains a Bible, copy of the groundbreaking ceremony, and newspaper dated May 27, 1962.

Nov 17, 1962

Dedication of Chapel Center officiated by Bishop Hargrave, in memory of Bishop William F. Moses. First religious complex erected on USF campus. Cost $73,000. Designed by Bishop Moses. Includes chapel and sacristy, common room with kitchen, library, offices, and room and bath for resident student. First Chaplain is J. Fred Dickman from August 1961 until he moves to St Andrew’s as rector on Nov 4, 1962. Rev. Harold B. Hoag (retired) serves as interim after Rev. Dickman leaves.

July 7, 1963

Rev. Dr. A Grant Noble installed as chaplain with primary goal to become an organized mission church.

Summer 1963

  • 50th Street paved by the state. Faculty and students work to plant gardens and lay walkways. Women of the Church (Diocese of S Florida) contributed funds for furnishings, organ, prayer desks, lectern, & font.
  • Chapel Center holds regular Sunday services for students & faculty, church school for children, discussion groups, & confirmation classes. Weddings, baptisms, and social events took place at the Chapel Center. Two men from St Anselm’s became ordained ministers during this time.
  • Chaplain’s work is to counsel faculty and students, continuing contact with them after they left USF.


St. Anselm’s Chapel becomes mission of the diocese with 26 communicants, 58 baptised members and 51 students regularly attending services.

January 1971

Rev. J. Kevin Stanley called from Toledo, Ohio to serve as chaplain. During the spring term approximately 550 people per week use the facility. Almost two thirds of the students at USF are non-resident. Fr. Stanley concentrates on problems of communication and community building by offering counseling to students, encouraging ecumenical activities and joint services, and by enlisting and training lay readers.


Dr. Virginia Valentine, a member of the USF faculty was appointed first woman Senior Warden in the diocese of Southwest Florida.

Nov 19, 1972

10th anniversary celebration: special Eucharist followed by a “pitch-in” meal in the Center. Guests included wife and daughter of Bishop Moses and family.

Chaplain: Rev J. Kevin Stanley
Bishop: Rt Rev William L Hargrave
Vestry: Frank Johnson, Daniel Valentine, Leslie Small, Clinton Dodson, H. Thomas Dulin, Mark M Golly, Robert B. Hutchinson, Dr. Terence C. Owen, Harris I. Pomerantz, Mark Salman.
Canterbury Club: H. Thomas Dulin III, Lee Ann Hoffman
Organist: Darlene Johnson
Assisting: Rev. Canon Edwin Smith of the USF faculty


Attendance averages around 700 students throughout the week. Joint services undertaken with Lutherans and Roman Catholics. Approx one-third of the students at USF are married and Fr. Stanley’s counseling includes marriage counseling.

November 1974

Fr. Stanley leaves to become Vicar of St Alban’s Episcopal in St Petersburg Beach.

Rev. John F. Hamblin, Jr became Chaplain and was there until August 1975. He blessed two marriages, celebrated the Eucharist on Wednesdays, Holy Days, and twice each Sunday. Duties included a Chaplain’s program at the Veteran’s Hospital. During this year the Center sponsored a Tampa Deanery Workshop on Christian Education and a seminar conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross on “The Dying Patient.”

In August Fr. Hamblin suffers a heart attack and dies while attending a meeting of the International Liturgical Conference in Germany.


Closed by the bishop as a diocesan mission. Bishop calls for an intensive study of college work in the diocese. Rev. Thomas Redfern appointed chair of the study committee. USF is characterized as a large secular university and a commuter campus with a large number of part-time non-residential students. Committee recommended that the Center’s ministry develop according to the Chaplain’s personal style and gifts and that the Chaplain work to improve relationships between the Center and the University, and the Center and neighboring parishes.


Rev Robert Giannini appointed Chaplain. Characterized his ministry as one of “flexibility.” Chapel reopened as a ministry of presence & witness to the campus & community. Offered weekday Evening Prayer & discussion programs. Midweek Eucharist but no Sun services. Goal was to complement rather than replace parish involvement. Modeled after an Anglican Study Center, serving university & diocese. Many diocesan & parish groups used the Center for meetings.

Dr. Giannini wrote that the Center “is not a ‘clubhouse’ for Episcopal students; rather it is an outreach of the Episcopal Church into the world.”


Diocesan committee recommended that the Center incorporate with a board of directors to strengthen diocesan support. Board approved creating a residential community. At first 2 students lived at the Center & 2 lived across the street.

Rev Bonnie Fitzpatrick provided part-time assistance to Dr. Giannini. Dr. Giannini resigned in 1980 to become Dean of the Cathedral of St Peter in St Petersburg, Florida. Rev. Jerold R. Stadel, rector of St Catherine’s, was appointed interim Chaplain. Deacon Bonnie Fitzpatrick continued to serve part-time until a new chaplain was appointed.

December 1, 1981

Rev Edward J. Henley, Jr was appointed Chaplain. He writes:

“Human isolation and emptiness…characterizes life here. The key challenge of my work, as I see it, is to address that emptiness with the Gospel…that some of the emptiness might be met and filled by God.”

“The Church (not just the Chaplain) needs to be present at the University.”

June 30, 1987

Fr Henley leaves to further his own education.

October 14, 1987

Rev. B. Robert Cain accepts appointment to Chaplaincy. First initiative is 25th anniversary celebration and history of the Center’s first 25 years. Plans capital campaign to enlarge residential area of the Chapel Center.

May 31, 1988

25th anniversary celebration. Guest speaker is Rev. Robert Giannini, dean of the Episcopal Seminary and former dean of St. Peter’s Cathedral in St Petersburg.

  • USF is 2nd largest university in the state.
  • There are 30,000 students, many of whom are commuters.

From remarks of Chaplain and Director Rev. G.Robert Cain:

“ We are here because young adulthood is one of the most crucial stages in developmental formation in the life-cycle; a time in our culture when an individual is no longer an adolescent, but not yet fully an adult; a time of great hope and promise in a young person’s life, but also a time of testing, uncertainty, and vulnerability. Thus it is a time when, with the support and guidance of the Christian community, young people can hear and respond to God’s call to “work our your own salvation with fear and trembling: for God is at work within you, both to will and to work for his good purpose (Phil 2:12-13)”.

Five-year goal is to enlarge the facility and have 10-12 students living there with students acting as “peer chaplains.”

From the Oracle (06/15/88): Rev Cain writes:

“We want to be a place where a student can come who si looking for a support group for any problem he’s wrestling with. In the face of this massive university & faceless bureaucracy…we all need to get plugged into groups or communities that are small enough where we are known face-to-face…this is one of the main roles that the campus ministry center provides.”


Center renovated to provide living space for seven students. Structured residential program instituted— community of resident & nonresidential students. Community life consists of midweek and Sunday evening worship, suppers, outreach, discussion programs, and social activities. Students active in outreach respond to social needs in community.


Episcopal campus ministry at University of Tampa re-established as Canterbury Club. Activities includ weekly lunch meetings, attending Sunday services at St Andrew’s and joining USF students in community service projects.


Chapel Center celebrates 50th anniversary with Holy Eucharist on Sunday, Nov. 18.


Chaplain Adrienne Hymes arrives to lead center.

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