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Greetings from The Rev. Adrienne R. Hymes, Chaplain

Since my arrival in October 2016, I have been listening for God’s holy leading as I partner with the Holy Spirit to bring forth the re-emergence of St. Anselm’s Episcopal Chapel Center at USF as a vibrant spiritual resource. Jesus said that we are the light of the world, and a city built on a hill cannot be hid (Matthew 5:14).  I am full of hope that the growing presence here will position the Chapel Center as a beacon of Christ’s light in this community and beyond. Jesus continued, “No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house” (Matthew 5:15).  The Chapel Center, since 1962, has had several iterations of ministry and has been stewarded by many chaplains over years. Make no mistake that in 1962, the lamp’s light was lit! There have been times when the light shone brighter than others, but the light’s presence exists to give light to all in the house—ALL of God’s people who make up the multi-faceted and interconnected academic and business communities surrounding St. Anselm’s.

St. Anselm’s invites all who seek a relationship with Jesus Christ, and provides a special sense of grounding for those who identify as Episcopalians. Episcopalians at USF can worship in our rich Episcopal-Anglican tradition and where the Book of Common Prayer is accessible at their fingertips—that’s home.

As a clinically-trained chaplain, with trauma experience and a specialty in workplace chaplaincy, I am here to serve you, providing pastoral care as needed.  A major focus, as the resident chaplain, is to be a partner to USF’s existing team of professionals who exist to achieve student success and wholeness. This integration is critical to restoring the vibrancy of our campus ministry.

Another major focus is the chapel center’s multi-tiered physical restoration.  The Holy Spirit is breathing new life into the Chapel Center through multi-tiered approaches—physical restoration (buildings and grounds), relational restoration (religious services, Christian education, fellowship and community outreach), increased visibility (branding and marketing), and enhanced credibility (public relations, strategic alliances, chaplain visibility).

As a steward of this campus ministry I enthusiastically embrace what God is calling St. Anselm’s to be at this unique time in the life of our diocese and wider Church.  We are well positioned to be the religious center on campus that is distinguished by the quality of pastoral care and creative program offerings that meet people where they are along their spiritual journeys and equips them to lean on their existing faith traditions when faced with difficulties and the inherent transitions of life in the collegiate population.

Our campus ministry at USF is kingdom-building work that cannot happen in a vacuum, and it cannot grow without God’s people—the USF community and our neighboring congregations—committing to serve as missionaries in the mission field of USF and the surrounding neighborhood.  Journey together with us as we seek mature spirituality and deepened faith—seeking and finding the sacred in all of God’s creation.

The Holy Spirit is surely and vibrantly moving in this place, breathing life and hope out into the USF community and St. Anselm’s Episcopal Chapel Center at USF Welcomes You!  Empowered by the love of Jesus Christ for ALL, whoever you are and wherever you are on your journey:






May our work and lives together in this place always glorify God!

In His Service,

The Rev. Adrienne R. Hymes
Chaplain and Program Director

Chaplain Adrienne is Available for:
Pastoral Care Visits, Including Grief Support, by Appointment
Hospital Visitation Upon Request
Professional Development Presentations

About Chaplain Adrienne
The Rev. Adrienne Hymes, Chaplain
Master in Divinity (M.Div.)
Clinically-Trained Chaplain (CPE)
ER/Trauma Experience
Specialty in Workplace Chaplaincy

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